That Break Healing

That break that’s healing…

From want of feeling…

An inevitable loss of trust…

From lies in which you’re dealing.

They’ve been destructive.

Your behavior instructive.

I was broken after that,

That thing that happened.

That time when everyone stood by,

Either watchin or clapping.

That time you lied.

That day you ruined.

With that lunch of lies,

The bull you spooned.

That grudge you held intransigently…

That fault that you displaced…

Surrounding yourself with sycophants;

Whose emotional intellect you outpace.

That wasted time as you litigate;

Everything through the hue of money.

That time you forgot to tend our friendship. That is truly the milk & honey…honey.

That face you must be tired of pulling

Every time my name is said.

That détante we’ll have…

When this ugly feud’s dead.

What peace we’ll know in hearts & heads

That time passed & we share laughter instead.

Three Days Left

“As the finish line draws near and emotions run high I just wanted to say how grateful I am to the people that kept tapping my balloon all the way here. People that were there…even when I didn’t want them to be. Now I can’t imagine any part of this fight for my life without them. You know who you are & aren’t…Thank you.”