How About This?…

How about we solve this whole “Wealth Distribution” problem in a cyclical, organic & logical way by taxing only the top wealthiest ten percent of Corpo-citizens to fund the exact programs that feed back into their industry? For example:

•Why aren’t the most wealth addicted entrainment companies on both coasts being taxed to fund putting the arts back in our schools? (You want blockbusters?…Then invest in the kids that will become the “over 15,000 were people employed in the making of this film” a factoid we are “Treated To?” at the end of every film we see now.

•Why aren’t we taxing the the most profitable Privatized Prisons to fund rehabilitation & reparation programs for non-violent offenders? (…and backdate that shit-We have to acknowledge our past mistakes & make good on doing better from then; not from twenty or four hundred years later on when we admit our mistakes)

•Why aren’t we using Federal & State level Asset Seizure profits to pour Figurative & Literal nutrition into the communities that are depressed & damaged because of these crimes? (I’m sure we have people competent enough economists to figure out a metric for that.)

•Why aren’t we appropriately taxing the Corpo-citizen CEO’s who’s companies employees are responsible for the lion’s share of America’s GDP both in Goods & Currency Markets to pay for Universal Healthcare? (If you want market floors of any kind to be staffed & managed-Pay them a living wage & pay for their healthcare.)

•Why are we using the term Corporate Citizens casually in progressive conversation but have yet to push for a Formal Definition…including the layout for “Corporate Citizen’s” rights, duties & responsibilities to Our Country regarding its own damage footprint, investment footprint & last but definitely not least- proportionate taxation as a “Corpo-Citizen”?

•Et Cetera…(You see where I’m going with this I’m only as “woke” as my mind is capable but everything I’ve mentioned seems (to me & maybe you?…or not.) like simple organic sustainable logic but Our Country has lost its marbles of late.)

Personally, I’m looking for aggressive Climate & Social progression. Along with, Criminal Justice Reform, Sustainable Wealth Redistribution in the form of Taxation & Representation Reform including Election Policy. As we reach for a better future shouldn’t we acknowledge that our constitution is supposed to be a “Living Document”. It was designed to give us the right to change & amend things that are outdated with the change of time; excellent example being the Electoral College & our system of Ethics & Justice regarding the “American Freedom” we boastfully bluster on about without the actions to keep it so, currently.

A candidate that speaks to these things is who I’ll be casting for in 2020.

Meditation on “Money for Nothin & Kicks for Free”-Dire Straights

I’ll never underestimate Man’s Willful Blindness to the many forks in their road where they are welcome to take a higher path because of a pridefully boasted deficiency in humility, empathy & a cultish state of denial over our culture’s morbid addiction to obscene wealth. I’m as aspirational about my future as any other man & I know I will sacrifice & receive. However, I’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to Both sides of the poverty line. And you know what? Somewhere in there I realized a moral compass that was there all along. A perspective so rarely revealed to the “Winners” out “chasing the money dragon”. For my life, I know that my moral compass would tell me exactly where the runoff point between getting the amount of substance you need for your ideal life & the duty of philanthropy begins. Finally, I truly believe I am far from alone in feeling that this is the true reason that the lion’s share of our current Titans Of Industy & World Stage Politcal Influencers wantonly disregard so many of their chances to alter the world’s course towards Mutual Peace, Prosperity & The Freedom to pursue Happiness.


Meditation on the recent births en masse of… ”The Children of the Revolution”-T.Rex.

“This country, no this “world civilization”, is in for a generational rage against the societal machines. I have met the mothers of today & they are (fact) raising a generation of revolutionaries that are growing up in the warmth of diversity. When they get to adulthood they will carry on the change the women before them collaborated to usher in. Non-Conventional parenting is pretty popular & trending higher by the day. In a matter of twelve years maximum, university campuses will be filled with confident in their skin young adults, emotionally wise well beyond they’re years, that are more “woke” than any geration before them. Why? Because they are being raised in an ‘emotionally, & likely also politically, woke & emotionally evolved atmosphere.’ They will not tolerate a world identicle to this one…Wasteful, Apathetic, Wealth Addicted & Emotionally Blind to Our Fellow Human Beings. We already know the future is female…but the young boys & girls those women are raising right now…will make an unrecocnizably better world. As long as Old Irrelevant Men In Power…don’t wipe us humans out completely first.”



We need our instruments of the arts equally as much as we need our instruments of war in times like these…art is oftentimes the only place where history is not written by the victors and therefore often a truer account of the times. The sacred Van Gogh & Matisse diaries or the journals of DaVinci gave us a clearer picture of their times…not to even mention their works…than any history book.

When the world is in disarray-as it is now-is the time to invest, support, defend & protect our society’s poetry, art & literature. In finishing this thought, however, I am struck by the question “Am I not stating the obvious?! Because if I’m not and this is news to most people…oh dear…we are in trouble.”



Yin & Yang Lost their Spots.  

(See Yin & Yang’s Spots Roll Away)                     

Have you ever been angry at a friend or family member that tried to initiate a mediation between you & another friend because the two of you were arguing & by nature both immovable objects, opposite, identical or otherwise? Have you chewed them out or laid into them & then later found yourself apologizing because it turned out they were actually right to try & help &, though you couldn’t see it at the time, in your eyes now realize had they not had the courage to stand up & be counted as the objective voice of reason & emotional evolution with both of you that said friend or family members wouldn’t even be in each other’s lives anymore because your conflict would’ve had no perspective or lubricant? Do you now realize that some poeple are yin, some are yang & other are the opposite spots on both sides? People who can see & understand the bigger picture because there are the outsiders within? They can see the mountain & the trees & how they work together & why they need each other. People without whom we would be separate & less than whole. The people we know who see these things will always be there & always care…keep them close, for once they are gone you may find your self without a moral compass companion.

Never be dismissive of a friend who approaches conflict & frisson bearing solutions instead of problems. These people, often the misfits, are the grease that keeps friendships civil & in working order…even in times of conflict. If you have been dismissive & aggro towards these individuals for simply trying to help, did you ever apologize for hurting them? Did you ever, without asking, think about them & intuit a deed of kindness for them? No matter how they look in the Yin & Yang they are not small nor insignificant…they are literally & almost contently trapped, always there stuck & immovable from the heart of you. Lying flat they look like they will always be there for you. It’s exactly then, when you think you can take them for granted  (not with malice; it’s just that they’ve always been a part of you & you’ve learned to expect their presence), that life picks you up & what happens…they fall out of your life, existence…your yin & your yang. Why did they fall out? Because they are only strong when you’re wise enough to see their value & strong enough hold onto them or hold them up with you as you rise. They only stay with you when you support them otherwise they fall out & roll away.

Are you cold to them, or a bully to them, or aloof or are you simply negligent with their feeelngs; keeping them in the back of your mind & never bringing them to the fore. Why? Because you think they have nowhere to go but to sit right where you want them…immersed in you your world…your conflicts…your problems…your triumphs and successes  as part of your own personal captive audience with no real respect for their opinions or feelings.

  Are you stoic to them from the outside because you can’t cop to a guilt you know is there & still carry; ignoring the wiser part of yourself that judges you for how you treat them? The guilt of being pridefully flippant while knowing you’re wrong to neglect these powerfully precious small things, these people who can see into the heart of others, empathize with others & understand even the most outrageous points of view because they themselves are always looking at the hearts of things…the roots of conflict & the sources of opinions. Do you mask that guilt?…measuring them by metrics that aren’t applicable to them so that you can assuage your guilt because by those metrics they fail to meet high standards that don’t even apply to them? Do you even appreciate that you are the one they’re protecting in conflict or do you only see that they are less than you by the standards of those metrics that   preemptively exclude them? Do you measure them by whether you have more than them, are prettier than them, richer than them, happier than them, etc. Instead of seeing them as they are…instead of through the lense of who you are? Do you give them credit for literally forming the bond that holds people together…these “Grey Area Dwellers” are the inbetween hues that hold opposites colors together on the wheel. They are our glue…slow to fight, quick to forgive. Do you even notice the assets they bring out in your own character? Are they a helpful family member or worried friend you only half listen to? Well, I admit, maybe I’m wrong about this whole concepts these bridge builders but do you really think I am? The best friends we have, sadly, are the ones you never call. The healthiest people or relationships in our lives sometimes are the ones we don’t nurture at all because we see them as periphery …structures…rusted in fixtures & stone chimneys that aren’t going anywhere. When, in fact, the whole relies on them to stick together. The only things that retains form & shape after a fire are fixtures & chimneys.

Anger at another simply for the act of intervening in a problem or conflict zone between two parties they both know better than they know the circumstances of their conflict, welcomed for their diplomatic efforts by both parties hearing nothing the Third Party has to say, which could be exactly the collection of words that conflict is missing to help it roll onto resolution & restitution.

 It’s as bad as judging by people by only one side of a story…the one someone told you…& the other half you don’t bother putting in the effort to find & hear before passing judgement.

A good metaphor would be that it’s like being mad at A Hammer or A Battle Axe for building a house or chopping wood. It’s dehumanizing to the person you have a disagreement with & it’s incorrect.

When an entry party intervenes in a conflict zone they are acting as one of two things…they are either creating with a hammer or rending things inert with an axe. They are forces of unity or separation.

If you need to judge. Judge only by the Entry Party’s Behavior…are they fixing up your house or “space of communication” by hammering away to make forward progress…or rendering communication moot by cleaving & hewing at the space between the two people or people in general. In essence, are they a wrecker or a builder…a breaker or a fixer?


UNLESS THEY ARENT FAMILY OR “CHOSEN” FAMILY. (Because you have no clue what’s going on with two strangers…so mind ya business.)


UNLESS THOSE PEOLE ARE MARRIED When two people are married…there’s a “spookey action at a distance“, as Albert Einstein would say, there that prevents any outside help other than solicited or professional. From this Social “Spookey Action” When Distant you will find in those that fall into the couples’ orbit: repression, inhibition, the thing what breaks a person, communities & hearts because the Spookey Action & its ability to keep everyone at arms length in a conflict leaves people to their creative minds & the very little they know about the conflict. This is where gossip, malice, innuendo & unfair judgment thrive. Almost all children grow up in a constant conflict zone (no matter how well handled or healthy the environment) they they are not really able or allowed to understand or be a party to conflicts because of the “spooky action” of a marriage contract.

So in the end openness to the help of those closest to you-let them in!…A better appreciation of the poeple you serially take for granted-think about what a bar graph of communication initiated by each of you would look like, how embarrassing for you as a human being, show them they are appreciated, reach out first for once!…& unsolicited, random acts of kindness to make the lonely in your orbit  feel less so & just turning of the damn

ed judgment function in your brain when it’s screaming to be a bitch or a bastard! should make for happier circles of friends, family & loved ones AND, if you’ve absorbed any of what you just read at all, a very evolved, happy & productive new year with far less hurdles than you’re conditioned to expect.

Happy 2018


Heart as Hero

There are no plucky do gooders winning the day anymore. The ones that were all on our side have disappeared. Consult your crystal ball. What do you think our Lands & Lives look like in twenty years if we stay the course we’re on? Well first off, we’ll be missing some islands & some coastal regions but I didn’t start this to go off on political tangents…at least not yet.

I want to know what the condition of the human heart could be in that time…just twenty years…envision it. Less & less people are looking to their hearts for the correct guidance in situations across every creed, duty & belief system. It’s like people put their hearts on mute when they go into court, boardrooms, policing engagements, churches, schools, and when dealing with those most trodden upon by this dream of life. These are all situations where the ‘Heart Muffs’ shouldn’t even be on your person…in these situations your heart should be a loud & clear voice…your leading voice…the voice you let form your words, reactions & behaviors. For one whole day just try it…even if you barely even remember know how to tune into the frequency. Though, if you’re reading this then you probably can still hear your heart…but there’s no harm in passing on the message to someone who can’t or isn’t listening…& I’m not talking about getting people to like my page or follow it or any Social Media hullabaloo; I am talking about having a conversation or a level headed debate with anyone from your partner or child to your coworker or friend (even possibly the mirror) about if they can hear the voice of their heart…do they listen…why not or good on you…just make your case because it matters whether you do or not. Although, I believe you can & will do this because it has to start somewhere & there’s no reason it can’t be you…choose one day where you listen to your heart during every interaction with another human beings & see how different that day is than the one before it. If I’m meditating on this correctly, then the two days will be in stark contrast to each other. If you can do it…more can. If it caught on & the hearts became the loudest voices in every hall, room & interaction…then yeah, in twenty years we could well be on our way to a better world while mourning the people & islands we needlessly lost…the people & islands We The People lost & “We The People” are NOT powerless. In the end, we’d be heartily working towards not damaging our lands or each other in any way…Because the heart is MADE cruel but it never wants to be…so let it speak its mind. Sometimes, hearts have wiser things to say than the head. Consider 20 years of tuning in & listening & acting…consider the alternative…we’ve already reached our event horizon for the planet…must we cross our own as well?

Please feel welcome to turn this into a conversation…fire at will in the comments section.