Holiday Mirage

Pine needles inside; Outside holly pricks…

Tufted landscapes & roads of slick.

Excess insincerity;

I recoil when the time comes round intent to make me sick.


Silent night snowing & packed with stars.

Go visit your source & examine your scars.

Pressure fires up all around you.

Like everyone else there…white knuckling internal wars.



Dueling Quotes

Virgil wrote the Aeneid, an epic poem. I’m writing an Opera of Poetry…the first of its kind & I still don’t stand a chance dueling with Virgil…someone who wrote an EPIC POEM however…a duel is a duel…

and I happen to adore this inspirational twist on a classic…ready, aim…

“Fortune Favors the Bold”…

Virgil-The Aeneid


“Fortune Favors the Balls”…

L.B. Stowe-Me a couple years back.



Silly Rhymes

Silly Rhymes

Quite like
To find what it is
That can combine us,

Than to pick over & through our differences
Presenting all of the petty things that divide us

Distract us with games like Find the Queen & Musical Chairs
Keep us looking over there then here while your screwing us over there
Commit atrocious things while wearing your cheap Sunday best, then put it all on air

Give us dancing puppets in the no longer respected Congress & Senate
Put these politico’s in impossible positions & watch the disgrace melt as he spins it
They’re mostly sociopaths & not knowing guilt & still sit in shame they participated in it

All you can truly control in your life is to live it honestly
How others perceive your words & actions is relevant only to their serenity
You can’t keep pulling men from moral quagmires & fires. Your back’ll break eventually

They’ll all inevitably let this “so thin it’s clear” facade come tumbling down
Keep one eye on it just to see The Fall coming in time to get down or out of town
Grab your kin & an ethical mind, aid who we can bail the top predicted shit show around

I hope they are not driving us to our feared & final ends
The man they’ve put in the driving seat is surely not a friend

Mostly I fear the answer is “yes they are” but I hold out hope
“The Gentleman” & “Party” figuratively will hang by their own ropes

They won’t be found admitting it but they are leaky creaky homes
“Party” ready to leg it but “media” is ready to air so they cannot safely roam

Once the center for liberty now it’s that scary house at the end of your cul-de-sac
We’ve seen our rightful liberties in our friends o’er water & past that we don’t want jack

A True North Poet’s heart doesn’t get these times so we birth verse for a “Hatter’s” mind
For the “Bible” sayeth “out of the mouths of babes”, so stop & listen to our “Silly Rhymes”


Dueling Quotes

Just so y’all know, I quite love T.S. Eliot…He made so many pieces of art & beauty converted into language; & language was the first intangible thing that men & women with souls made that became a cornerstone of the ethos we might begin to call…the soul.  He’s particularly Piercing to me because he wrote about our work succinctly & sharp as a pen…He wrote about Writers & the Life we take a gamble on because we would literally give up trying to live as anything but – a writer. Nothing else feeds our soul like opening a vein & picking up the Quill.

The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink.



My blood is black as squid ink; a drop is a word on my page.



Heart as Hero

There are no plucky do gooders winning the day anymore. The ones that were all on our side have disappeared. Consult your crystal ball. What do you think our Lands & Lives look like in twenty years if we stay the course we’re on? Well first off, we’ll be missing some islands & some coastal regions but I didn’t start this to go off on political tangents…at least not yet.

I want to know what the condition of the human heart could be in that time…just twenty years…envision it. Less & less people are looking to their hearts for the correct guidance in situations across every creed, duty & belief system. It’s like people put their hearts on mute when they go into court, boardrooms, policing engagements, churches, schools, and when dealing with those most trodden upon by this dream of life. These are all situations where the ‘Heart Muffs’ shouldn’t even be on your person…in these situations your heart should be a loud & clear voice…your leading voice…the voice you let form your words, reactions & behaviors. For one whole day just try it…even if you barely even remember know how to tune into the frequency. Though, if you’re reading this then you probably can still hear your heart…but there’s no harm in passing on the message to someone who can’t or isn’t listening…& I’m not talking about getting people to like my page or follow it or any Social Media hullabaloo; I am talking about having a conversation or a level headed debate with anyone from your partner or child to your coworker or friend (even possibly the mirror) about if they can hear the voice of their heart…do they listen…why not or good on you…just make your case because it matters whether you do or not. Although, I believe you can & will do this because it has to start somewhere & there’s no reason it can’t be you…choose one day where you listen to your heart during every interaction with another human beings & see how different that day is than the one before it. If I’m meditating on this correctly, then the two days will be in stark contrast to each other. If you can do it…more can. If it caught on & the hearts became the loudest voices in every hall, room & interaction…then yeah, in twenty years we could well be on our way to a better world while mourning the people & islands we needlessly lost…the people & islands We The People lost & “We The People” are NOT powerless. In the end, we’d be heartily working towards not damaging our lands or each other in any way…Because the heart is MADE cruel but it never wants to be…so let it speak its mind. Sometimes, hearts have wiser things to say than the head. Consider 20 years of tuning in & listening & acting…consider the alternative…we’ve already reached our event horizon for the planet…must we cross our own as well?

Please feel welcome to turn this into a conversation…fire at will in the comments section.