“If you’re young & all you’ve ever wanted is to fall in love…be specific & stick to your guns…trust me you’ll regret if if you don’t….Fairy Godmothers are shortsighted sometimes.”




We need our instruments of the arts equally as much as we need our instruments of war in times like these…art is oftentimes the only place where history is not written by the victors and therefore often a truer account of the times. The sacred Van Gogh & Matisse diaries or the journals of DaVinci gave us a clearer picture of their times…not to even mention their works…than any history book.

When the world is in disarray-as it is now-is the time to invest, support, defend & protect our society’s poetry, art & literature. In finishing this thought, however, I am struck by the question “Am I not stating the obvious?! Because if I’m not and this is news to most people…oh dear…we are in trouble.”


Every moment we don’t express our feelings honestly will be a regret when we can no longer do anything but sit & think on our life. Don’t waste your time hiding your voice in fear…speak your heart.