So Concerned with Sanity

I think every day on my own mind & the flaws I know it bears.

It puts me in mind of a bottleneck & my sanity has to squeeze through there.

We have limitations in our lives; an obstacle strewn course.

I question my feelings of doubt, worry, fear & remorse.

I’ve lost more than I’ll ever remember. I have reason to question my mind.

I’ve spent so much time alone because not many have chosen to be kind.

My flaws are more than I care to count.

My limitations are the kind I can’t surmount.

My limbs don’t do what I tell them to do.

So I find a way around if I can’t get through.

This is a strength of mind. Yes, I think on them too.

I speak to you of flaws & limitations but it’s not all doom & gloom.

I can’t run or dance but I still know how to sit & groove.

This bottleneck of Can’t I squeeze though daily gasping

Trying to find a stout hand hold that’ll gain me purchase grasping.

My life is much like rock climbing horizontally.

And when I reach the summit of life I’ll know I did it because of me.

So yes I’m constantly concerned with my sanity. Who wouldn’t in limitation & isolation?

Though, the fact that I’m worried at all is proof I can let go & purge my mind of fixation.

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I see the world through a Painter’s eyes and process it with a Poet's's quite a harsh place for the soul. It scratches and wears your true self down, at times, but the Beauty is Addictive. I feel for everyone I encounter. Everyone I encounter is a teacher if I'll let them be. I Empathize with everyone I talk to & I Think about Everything-LEVi

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