Life Has left me Old Before My Time

Life has left me Old before my time. Nothing more than a collection of memories, thoughts & rhymes.

Love has left me Wilting while I bloom. A lifetime of abdications & abandonments have settled to dusty unused gloom.

Time has left me roughed up & wise. Dealing me blows to toughen me up…to make me rigid against the world’s lies.

Circumstance has left me bereft & bare. My struggle is my own. There’s been no line at my door to give it any care.

Humanity has left me bewildered & lost. Singularly talented artists of love & hate…Gladly disseminating to others the cost.

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I see the world through a Painter’s eyes and process it with a Poet's's quite a harsh place for the soul. It scratches and wears your true self down, at times, but the Beauty is Addictive. I feel for everyone I encounter. Everyone I encounter is a teacher if I'll let them be. I Empathize with everyone I talk to & I Think about Everything-LEVi

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