Love No Titans

Love No Titans

The love you hold in your heart for another person…the person you love most in this world…measure it, feel it, run around, reach out & touch the sides. As the corona light of your amazement at its towering immensity, burning intensity & perfect power passes just over the four horizons, the horizons that the love you feel itself surpasses…never forget that your love is inversely congruent to how much you can hate that very same person.

This is not a warning…

This is not a threat…

This is not a premonition.

This is a testification of a fact that should ensure that you cherish every ounce of love you have ever known…if you’ve known it. Never let it go to seed & spoil because the inverse universe will devour you for you complacency down to the





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I see the world through a Painter’s eyes and process it with a Poet's's quite a harsh place for the soul. It scratches and wears your true self down, at times, but the Beauty is Addictive. I feel for everyone I encounter. Everyone I encounter is a teacher if I'll let them be. I Empathize with everyone I talk to & I Think about Everything-LEVi

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