I Know This Much…

As me, the human, I have Bursts of Magnificence like a Peacock…the rest is mostly Eating, TV, Gardening, Doctors & Resting…I just choose to share my mystic fan whenever it comes up organically. I accept that I am a burden luxury, a peculiar artifact of pure passion in human nature…openly sharing the best & the worst…So, I know who I am and where I belong…but my precarious usefulness keeps me grounded & grateful that I had more opportunities not to slip through the cracks like so many others who have it so much worse.”


Meditation on “Money for Nothin & Kicks for Free”-Dire Straights

I’ll never underestimate Man’s Willful Blindness to the many forks in their road where they are welcome to take a higher path because of a pridefully boasted deficiency in humility, empathy & a cultish state of denial over our culture’s morbid addiction to obscene wealth. I’m as aspirational about my future as any other man & I know I will sacrifice & receive. However, I’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to Both sides of the poverty line. And you know what? Somewhere in there I realized a moral compass that was there all along. A perspective so rarely revealed to the “Winners” out “chasing the money dragon”. For my life, I know that my moral compass would tell me exactly where the runoff point between getting the amount of substance you need for your ideal life & the duty of philanthropy begins. Finally, I truly believe I am far from alone in feeling that this is the true reason that the lion’s share of our current Titans Of Industy & World Stage Politcal Influencers wantonly disregard so many of their chances to alter the world’s course towards Mutual Peace, Prosperity & The Freedom to pursue Happiness.


Meditation on the recent births en masse of… ”The Children of the Revolution”-T.Rex.

“This country, no this “world civilization”, is in for a generational rage against the societal machines. I have met the mothers of today & they are (fact) raising a generation of revolutionaries that are growing up in the warmth of diversity. When they get to adulthood they will carry on the change the women before them collaborated to usher in. Non-Conventional parenting is pretty popular & trending higher by the day. In a matter of twelve years maximum, university campuses will be filled with confident in their skin young adults, emotionally wise well beyond they’re years, that are more “woke” than any geration before them. Why? Because they are being raised in an ‘emotionally, & likely also politically, woke & emotionally evolved atmosphere.’ They will not tolerate a world identicle to this one…Wasteful, Apathetic, Wealth Addicted & Emotionally Blind to Our Fellow Human Beings. We already know the future is female…but the young boys & girls those women are raising right now…will make an unrecocnizably better world. As long as Old Irrelevant Men In Power…don’t wipe us humans out completely first.”