Dueling Quotes

Virgil wrote the Aeneid, an epic poem. I’m writing an Opera of Poetry…the first of its kind & I still don’t stand a chance dueling with Virgil…someone who wrote an EPIC POEM however…a duel is a duel…

and I happen to adore this inspirational twist on a classic…ready, aim…

“Fortune Favors the Bold”…

Virgil-The Aeneid


“Fortune Favors the Balls”…

L.B. Stowe-Me a couple years back.



Dueling Quotes

Just so y’all know, I quite love T.S. Eliot…He made so many pieces of art & beauty converted into language; & language was the first intangible thing that men & women with souls made that became a cornerstone of the ethos we might begin to call…the soul.  He’s particularly Piercing to me because he wrote about our work succinctly & sharp as a pen…He wrote about Writers & the Life we take a gamble on because we would literally give up trying to live as anything but – a writer. Nothing else feeds our soul like opening a vein & picking up the Quill.

The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink.



My blood is black as squid ink; a drop is a word on my page.