PP Figures

PP Figures

Joan of Ark & Oscar Wilde they walked into a bar.
Freud & Jung were serving pure cocaine & moonshine by the jar.

They named their dive The Pleasure Principle for those seeking a Collective Unconscious.
PP’s had a special cocktail called “Dimensional Emotion” it made the clientele obnoxious.

Sat at the piano were Socrates & Bowie singing “Oh You Pretty Things”.
David played whilst Socrates used his “method” coaxing all but him to sing.

A meditating Zombie Bhudda in the corner proclaimed “We’re all already dead”.
The fat and happy deity literally found Nirvana inside Lizzie Borden’s head.

At a table for one sat Madame Curie bathing all in her radiating absinthe glow.
A pig named Picasso hit on this FoxFire Lady while inviting her to his picture show.

Miss Arc sat sweating by the hearth lost in conversation with lapping tongues of fire.
Wilde perched himself atop a barstool cracking jokes at Sigmund’s “phallus desire”.

General Patton & Gloria Steinem played strip poker to prove equality’s point.
In the end she wore her signature shades as a naked Patton rolled & passed her a joint.

Daylight crept up through the window…the PP’s version of sounding last call.
History was a rent boy loitering outside swinging saloon doors ready to be made by all.